PepperCase was a was a proof of concept design I came up with after a friend was attacked at a party. Many people do not carry any means to protect themselves because they don't want to carry "something extra". This was an idea of a way to equip protection into something that a person would already be carrying - their cell phone. The phone case was 3D modeled in Rhino and rendered in Flamingo. The idea was to have a case which was both easy to use, but not too easy that one might set it off accidentally in their pocket, and that could accommodate refillable cartridges. The spray also contains a dye that would make an attacker easy to spot even if they tried to wipe it off. As soon as the case is activated, a smart strip on the bottom of the phone would tell the phone to turn on the camera and start recording. This photo and your geolocation can then be sent to emergency services. Other features of the app in non emergency mode include local crime statistics and personal resources.

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