Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound

I was asked to create a prototype of an app that the Boys and Girls Club of South Puget sound could use to log their volunteer hours. Before beginning the app, I did research on volunteerism in America and created this infographic about what I learned. 

I also worked with some of the communications students to develop a  campaign to market the app to consumers. I helped to create design collateral to supplement our sales pitch to convince The Boys and Girls Club to invest in the creation of our app.

Lastly, I worked on on creating screens for the app and using an online visual prototyping tool called InVision to mock up the app for presentation. When you hover over the phone below, you should see your cursor turn into a small circle that should allow you to click through the app as though it was on your phone. However, please remember, that for the time being, this is just a prototype of a user experience generated from still screens, which means that app functions (like text boxes, scroll wheels, ect.) will not actually function as they would within a real app. 

If you are ever not sure what you can press within the app, press in an area where you don't think there's a button. You'll see blue boxes over the "clickable" areas. 

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